Monthly Archives: February 2016

Busy getting ready for lambing

Both myself and Mrs D have worked non stop this weekend.  A lot of our motivation is to get everything ready for our lambs which should start appearing around Friday.  The sheep are already in the lambing shed, so that's all done.  This weekend was all about getting the outside areas ready for when we turn…
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Countdown to Lambing

As the ghastly winter rolls on towards spring, lambing time is fast approaching.  Our first lambs are due on 4th of March (give or take).  But the weather presented us with a dilemma. Sheep like it outside.  But they, like the rest of us, can get a bit tired of the wet, especially if it…
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Little Owl Box put up (again)

The weather has been causing us all sorts of problems.  Not flooding, thankfully, though it has been close.  But the recent heavy rain has also turned everywhere to mud, flooded the drive and turned the garden into a marsh.  We have had to resort to pumping water out into the drainage ditch and banning the…
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