Monthly Archives: April 2017

Piglets – the Great Escape

Nicole and I have a habit of coming up with an idea and then just getting on with it.  So it was with our pigs.  That said, I did spend an hour or so with friends of ours who had their first pigs last year.  While it was very useful, it also gave us a…
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Settling in to Auchenstroan

It has been 3 weeks since we moved here and we are finally beginning to feel more settled.  Of course, there's loads of work to do and on top of that, lambing is about to begin and we are also expecting our first pigs.  But first, s picture tour of our new place. [caption id="attachment_2538"…
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And now we have pigs

Today we ventured into a whole new area, rearing pigs.  We had been planning to do this once we got here to Auchenstroan but initially we found it difficult to find weaners for sale locally.  Then, we posted on the Smallholding Group Scotland and within hours were offered weaners that were not too far away.…
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