Monthly Archives: June 2017

Sheep demand bigger shelter!

I wrote recently about how I built a shelter for our sheep.  I thought that at 16 square metres, this was ample space for our 16 sheep to get out of the rain or into the shade, or both. Not a bit of it.  "We need a bigger shed" they said.  "But why?", said I.…
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Busy times in Auchenstroan

It has, as ever, been a busy spring.  On top of moving here in March, we have expanded our animals to include pigs, more sheep and we been through lambing .  And along with this, we have our day jobs plus carrying out repairs to the new house, unpacking and arranging for new bathrooms. [caption…
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Baby chickens emerge

Just recently, I wrote about how one of our hens had turned broody.  Well, yesterday, she emerged from her nest in the flower bed with 13 baby chicks.  All the eggs had hatched! They are unbelievably cute. The mother, Mrs Mills, is a chicken that was born to one of our hens (Hattie - still…
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