Monthly Archives: October 2018

Brambles, brambles, brambles

We have spent a lot of the summer dealing with brambles.  Our hen run was overgrown with them in places and large areas near the house are, well, just overgrown with the prickly monsters. We decided to act. We started on the stone dyke bordering the hen run.  It was completely covered in a mix…
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Getting out more

We live in a beautiful part of the world (windfarms notwithstanding - don't get me started), but in the year and a half we have lived here, we have yet to explore any of it.  So, as part of our scaling back, we promised ourselves that we'd make the effort to get out more. Our…
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It’s been a while

Blogs are a blessing but also a bind sometimes.  The need to add updates sort of nags away at the back of one's mind.  That said, I haven't paid much attention to that inner voice having not posted anything all summer.  How did that happen - well, one day at a time! Anyway, here's a…
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