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Ymogen – a lamb with a broken jaw

Last Friday morning, Nicole noticed that Ymogen, one of last years lambs, had a problem with her jaw. The lower palette seemed to be all askew. We called out the vet and she confirmed it was a bad break. When an animal is in mortal peril, vets kind of have this look on their face,…
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George and Ursi – A Dog and Sheep love affair

Every now and then, a story pops up somewhere about dogs and sheep. It's pretty much always bad news, sheep have been killed by someone's pet dog. In fact, the biggest threat to sheep is the domestic dog. It happens round here sometimes too. To be honest, one of the reasons I gave up working…
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Weather and Frogs

Well, what can I say - February had some unusually warm weather with bright, warm sunny days. It was lovely, even if it was a sign of underlying climate change. We took full advantage including getting in some early seed sowing. We now have brassicas and turnips germinating in the greenhouse. This is helped by…
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February on the farm

It has been a much better winter, so far, than last year.Our neighbour did remind me that we had not had the beast from the east by this time last year, but we had had plenty of snow.  This year, in contrast, it has almost been spring like on occasions. For us, this means we…
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