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Who’s That in my Bag?

With winter upon us, we need to provide winter feed for our sheep.  We buy in organic hay in large bales.  This means it needs to be transported over to the feeders and the easiest way is in large bags.  Fill one of those, pop it onto the trailer and whizz it across with the…
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Winter weather challenging already

I recently wrote about how we had been at the receiving end of some heavy rain.  But it stopped and we had a period of cold and dry weather.  I quite like it cold and dry, the main thing is it being dry.  It's not a lot of fun looking after animals in the rain…
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RIP Sarka

We are sad to tell you that Sarka passed away yesterday. It was peaceful and gentle, she lay happily between Nicole and myself as the vet gently helped her on her way. Sarka came to us in 2015. She was the most flighty and fearful of the 11 sheep we had then. A change in…
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Rain, Rain and More Rain

After a period of quite nice weather, the rains came.  A couple of storms, then a period of almost relentless heavy rain.  We are somewhat fortunate in that here, living in the hills, most of it runs off.  But before it does that, it does tend to gather in puddles all over the place.  The…
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