Review of This Smallholding Life – Book

Review for This Smallholding Life - Book

Over the years I have ready many many books on smallholding life. These all seemed to fall into one of two types of books. The instructional manual that tells you all the facts you need to now to run your smallholding. Bit like a Haynes car manual. It all looks clinical and easy, but in real life, the nuts are corroded, and nothing comes apart in the way the manual shows you. The other type is the storybook, full of fun anecdotes about small holding life, which is entertaining to read, but limited in factual detail.

I feel Adrian gets the mix of fact and anecdote spot on. There are chapters what it costs to keep livestock, equipment needed, amount of land needed and so on, but also mixed with real life experience, what it’s like to look after sheep, bees, veg plots and so on.

I had to ration myself to one chapter per day otherwise I would have consumed the book in one reading,

Definitely a 5 star read.