Rug prices

Prices are based on fleece quality, the amount of wool used and the amount of time it takes me to create a rug.

Most of the fleeces I use come from the sheep’s first clip.  This means the first time it is sheared.  These young sheep are commonly known as “hogs”.   Hog fleeces are very desirable due the superior quality of the wool.  Being young sheep they will not have had lambs yet so all the goodness that goes into making a lamb, goes into the fleece.  Furthermore, being from the first clip, a hog fleece will still contain lambs wool.  This means hog fleeces are much bigger and softer than subsequent fleeces produced in later years.

Please note that due to the organic nature of felting, the final size of rug can vary a little so the below prices are an indication only.

“fleece shaped” rug made from a Scotch Mule hog fleece

Fleece shaped rugs:

  • Small (26 x 18 inches): £226
  • Medium (28 x 20 inches): £247
  • Large (34 x 22 inches): £292
  • X large (38 x 26 inches): £348




pram liner made from Coloured Ryeland fleece

Square/rectangular rugs:

  • Ottoman/footstool cover/drape (20 x 20 inches):  £225
  • Pram liner* (14 x 30 inches):  £160




cover for an ottoman made from a Swaledale Mule hog fleece









some of our Coloured Ryelands

These prices do not include shipping.  Please click here for shipping information:

*I usually make pram liners from short woolled “baby friendly”, organic fleeces from our own flock of Ryelands.  Our sheep are a mixture of different ages and not “hogs” as described above and this is reflected in the price.  However, please rest assured the quality of our Ryeland wool is really lovely as our flock does not lamb, they are with us for life and have little stress.  They spend their days mooching about eating, chewing cud and getting pats and back rubs.