haribo up close


Haribo came to us just after Christmas 2015.  Although only 3, we were his fifth owners.  All before us had had problems with him.

He was a regular at Pawplay (a dog day care and boarding centre) where I worked part time.  He had to be muzzled when with the other dogs.  His owner was trying to rehome him.

Although reluctant to take on a collie, when I saw him disconsolately abandoned at Pawplay for Christmas, we decided to take him.  He did have a range of behaviour problems, but with a stable environment including the presence of George (by now large and quite balanced), he settled down quickly.  Soon the muzzle was no longer needed.

He loves it in Scotland with his new friend Maga (the collie next door) and all the widen open spaces to run about in.  he still has a slight fear aggression problem, but we are working on it bit by bit.

Sadly, Haribo passed away in January 2021 and is missed by all.

Haribo - tri colour collie