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Review for Felted Fleece rug (Witchy)
Beautifully made

As someone who was given a fleece for my baby son to lie on 20 years ago, this rug is far more beautiful for being sustainable and for the fact that Witchy, who donated a bit of herself, is still hanging out with her friends and family in a Scottish field. The colour of Witchy’s wool is so gorgeous too. Beautifully made.

Review for felted fleece cushion
very happy with cushion

I love the look and feel of sheepskin but could never buy it because of the cruelty involved. I looked on Google to see if there were any vegan alternatives, and found your site. I love the fact that I can buy sheep wool without there being any harm done to the sheep. I had never heard of felting before. I also enjoy reading about whats going on at auchenstroan wool, from both you and the sheep! Your sheep look so happy and healthy.

Review for Felted fleece rug
Ynca Rug

I bought the Ynca rug as a gift and can testify to its beauty and quality. The texture and natural colours of the fleece ensure its uniqueness as does its provenance which is very pleasingly described in a wee accompanying biography of the very happy sheep whose wool is the source material of the rug. (This touch exemplifies the very personal customer experience I had.) I am delighted with the purchase and glad to have been able to support the admirable ethos which Nicole and Adrian have established as the basis of their work.

Review for Homegrown felted fleece rug, natural cream, grey, beige, Coloured Ryeland fleece – Vera
Fantastic fleece

Arrived a few days after ordering. Now pride of place in my office keeping my feet warm while working at my desk.

Review for Homegrown felted fleece “sheepskin” rug, natural cream, Coloured Ryeland fleece - Peaches
coloured ryeland fleece felted rug

Peaches’ natural color fleece rug looks great in my new bathroom and so soft underfoot! Best of all, she gets to continue to enjoy her home outdoors in the fields! A++ seller