5th July

Hello lovely shop visitors!!🌼

*** Our shed is packed full to the rafters with fleeces from this year’s clip, yippee!!!  I’m having a lovely time making rugs from these fluffy delights!!  The next batch will be listed on 1st August ***

I’ll keep you all updated to let you all know when I’m next due to list the next selection of rugs and cushions (which will be on a monthly basis).  I’ll also put an announcement on my Instagram page, if you don’t already follow me, here’s my page:   @auchenstroanwool

My timescales for making rugs is one or two per week so I’ll be listing approx  6 items at the start of every month (depending on size of rug I’m working on).  I’m not taking commissions for the time being.

For more info on how I make sheep-friendly rugs please click here 😊 The lengthy process of making felted fleece rugs, cushions and other things – why does it take so long?

For those of you fabulous people who love all things sheepie, I have now finished putting together a “how to make a felted fleece rug” course 😃 and this is now available!  Please click here for more information.

I’ve just realised that some of my emails are going into people’s spam folders, so if you’ve contacted me and heard nothing back, do check your spam / junk box in case my reply has ended up in there by mistake.

Bye for now  from all of us🐑🐑🐑 “meheee”!



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Showing all 7 results