Dogs Talk Case Studies

Dogs Talk – Case Studies

Dogs Talk - bookAs well as dogs telling their stories, “Dogs Talk” contains some real life case studies. These are summarised briefly below:

Pit Bull Terrier and Needy Lady: This dog had a tendency to attack anything on four legs including dogs and horses. The owner was scared to take him for a walk. It turned out that the dogs was pretty relaxed and quite easy to control but the owner adamently refused to change anything. The owner was scared that if she changed things, the dog would no longer meet her needs.

The Mastiff That Ate the House: Feeling depressed, the owner bought an English Mastiff puppy in the hope it would cheer her up. Well, puppies like to chew and this dog chewed everything. There was also a dominant small dog in the house and it was a disaster waiting to happen.

The Malamute and the Cat: They didn’t get on, particularly around the cat flap and food bowls. It took one visit to identify the problem bring the two together and modify the situation so that all was well.

Two English Bull Terriers at Each Other’s Throats: One English bull terrier was not enough so a second was introduced to this household. They went to war and tried to kill each other. This case study shows what can be achieved with a receptive owner.

Two Jack Russells Rule the Roost: Two elderly ladies had taken on two high energy, dominant Jack Russell terriers. the dogs were a nightmare, totally out of control. The owners wanted a simple fix. How do you think it turned out?