Dogs Talk


paperback ISBN: 978-1-8380010-2-5

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Is your dog happy? Do you know what it really thinks of you? Would you like to improve your dog’s life?

Most dogs, like humans, face challenges throughout their lives. Some are obvious, such as fear of loud noises, others, like anxiety, less so.

In this book, four dogs tell their stories. What makes this book special is that each dogs tells its story from its own point of view. Each dog comes from a different background and has different needs and issues. One day, they find themselves living with a dog behaviour expert. In their own words, they tell their stories of how their lives were transformed, what challenges they faced and the lessons they learnt.

Dogs think differently from humans. In this book, you will gain an insight into how dogs think and what they really need from humans. Most of all, you will discover why dogs need their humans to be dogs.

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