Woolly Tales

The last time I wrote in my diary was over a year ago.  You can read my last story here.
This is not the the first story about drystane dykes and probably won't be the last. Most of the ground
This summer's been a bit funny weatherwise, after a hot and dry May and June (so dry that we ran
A couple of weeks ago as I was cleaning out the field shelter, the sheep milling about me 'helping', I
We have a large area for growing veggies; six rectangles of about 2 x 4 metres.  We like to grow
Since last week's story about shearing, we still had one sheep left to shear - sweet Vera.  Vera has photo-sensitive
Last Saturday I was just back from walking the dogs and was sitting down for a cuppa when the phone
Progress with the hen "cuddle training" since my last blog story has been a slow.  Mainly because I have been
Last year we came to the realisation that our hens had gone a little too feral for our liking.  This
For the past few months we've been bringing our friendly cockerel Cherokee into the kitchen to perform a minor procedure
Our chicks who hatched last summer have grown into big, beautiful hens.  It sounds cliche, but it's hard to imagine
Over the weekend while Adrian has been busy adding a shrubbery to the hen run, my job has been to
There's a job we should probably do every year but it usually ends up being every two years or even
Ten days ago I wrote a story about our hen Pepper who had a problem with her crop which wasn't
For a wee while now one of our elderly hen ladies, Pepper hasn't been quite her usual self.  The signs
Pretty much every night we hear tawny owls at some point. Recently, they have been hooting all around us as