Woolly Tales

Our chicks who hatched last summer have grown into big, beautiful hens.  It sounds cliche, but it's hard to imagine
Over the weekend while Adrian has been busy adding a shrubbery to the hen run, my job has been to
There's a job we should probably do every year but it usually ends up being every two years or even
Ten days ago I wrote a story about our hen Pepper who had a problem with her crop which wasn't
For a wee while now one of our elderly hen ladies, Pepper hasn't been quite her usual self.  The signs
Pretty much every night we hear tawny owls at some point. Recently, they have been hooting all around us as
Up until recently we've had week upon week of rain, followed by ... yet more rain.   On a farm or
dry stone dyke repairs
One of the common themes of this blog is the repair of dry stane dykes (dry stone walls). Most of
In the sheep world, Ryelands are often referred to as "teddy bear sheep".  The reason for this, as you might
Every year, round about the beginning of November we start the "hay ceremony".  In other words, giving the little darlings
Recently you might have noticed a new logo in the corner of our home page.  If you click on it,
It has not been the driest of summers which has had it's good and bad points. However, it has been
Today while I was in the polytunnel having a tidy up, I became aware of some strange noises coming from
After three months of slowly introducing Elliot to the hens, yesterday was a big day for our Anatolian rescue dog
Today’s blog story is to tell you about my rug-making teaching adventures over the summer and about the new downloadable
The harvest rush has been on in the last week. We already had collected what was left of the beetroot