Woolly Tales

hedgehog released back into the wild
Hoggy Released
Last November, I found a tiny hedgehog wandering around the garden.  At less than 300g, she would never have survived
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Water system extended
Once a year, we borrow some cows from a neighbouring farm.  We do these because they are good for the
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Cherokee calls out Mountain rescue
Our chickens have a large area in which they can roam freely.  They share it with the sheep as the
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carrot box complete
Carrot box ready
We try to grow as many of the vegetables we eat as we can.  However, in the last couple of
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sheep waiting for vaccination
Sheep vaccinations go well
One of the annual responsibilities we have as smallholders is to vaccinate the sheep.  Each year, they get an injection
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log pile chopped
Next year’s firewood
Our heating runs mainly on wood.  We have a woodburner which also acts as a boiler.  This means we can
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New book published
We are pleased to announce that Adrian’s new book, “This Smallholding Life”.  Drawing on the experiences of moving from suburban
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storm damaged stone dyke
Storms blow wall down
While the weather has been generally mild this winter, we recently were hit by a sequence of storms, one after
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sheep sheltering from snow storm
Yukky Weather for Sheep
Hiya!!  Ymogen here, or Ymo as they sometimes call me.  It has been a while but I’m still here, happy
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carrot box
Stopping Slugs and Snails
Last year, we planted a lot of carrots, beetroot, parsnips and turnips (swedes to non Scots).  As root crops, these
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Winter comings and goings
Up until recently, the winter weather has not been too bad.  It hasn’t been too good either, but from a
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Sheep get haircuts and health checks
It’s a long time since our flock were sheared, 7 months to be precise!  Plenty of time for a sheep
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Selene leader
The burden of leadership
Hi, Selene here.  As you might already know, Peaches, our leader for some years, passed away last month.  Having felt
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hoggy the hedgehog
Hoggy update
In November last year, I happened upon a tiny hedgehog out foraging.  At just over 300g, she was too small
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auchenstroan trees planted
New Trees Planted
As the new year gets underway, one of the first tasks to be done was to plant the trees I
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Happy New Year!
A very Happy New Year to all our readers! I just wanted to update all you lovely people who follow
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