Woolly Tales

Last year's veggie growing didn't go well.  What with constant rain, little sun and an army of slugs and snails,
Ymogen coloured ryeland
Hi there, it’s me Ymogen! It’s been a while since I logged on but recently my pet human took a
water tank in place
As well as making sure we have enough water for our animals, we also need water for our vegetables.  This
Recently a lovely lady in faraway Georgia, USA bought “the Yogi rug” from our online shop.  I was excited because
compost bin
Part of the sustainable living ethos is re-using stuff.  We generate a lot of garden waste and this all goes
sheep having a drink
Despite living in what is generally considered to be a wet part of Britain, we do have prolonged dry spells. 
cuckoo maran egg
Since June last year, Bim has been suffering from egg peritonitis, a common condition in hens of all ages for
hoggy coming out of feeder
Last November, I found a tiny hedgehog wandering around the garden.  It was too small (less than 300g) to survive
We have quite a large area of willow woodland which spans either side of one of the burns that run
duck house
In our smallholding here, we have a small loch which attracts ducks, herons and other water birds including geese and
hedgehog released back into the wild
Last November, I found a tiny hedgehog wandering around the garden.  At less than 300g, she would never have survived
Once a year, we borrow some cows from a neighbouring farm.  We do these because they are good for the
Our chickens have a large area in which they can roam freely.  They share it with the sheep as the
carrot box complete
We try to grow as many of the vegetables we eat as we can.  However, in the last couple of
sheep waiting for vaccination
One of the annual responsibilities we have as smallholders is to vaccinate the sheep.  Each year, they get an injection
log pile chopped
Our heating runs mainly on wood.  We have a woodburner which also acts as a boiler.  This means we can