Woolly Tales

stone dyke gap half filled
Gap in stone dyke filled
We have a lot of stone dykes here and over the years, some have fallen into disrepair while others have
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RIP Peaches
The last few days have been cold and yesterday, we took advantage of the frozen ground to lay an area
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sunrise at auchenstroan
Frosty mornings
A cold snap in November seems to have been a regular thing ever since I was a kid.  Each year,
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sheep at hay feeders
It’s time for Hay
Around late October, early November the grass pretty much stops growing and loses most of its nutritional value.  For sheep,
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Latest rugs in our shop
With the onset of winter and frosty days I’ve been busy wrapping up my gardening business for another year.  This
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Spending the winter indoors
OK, so I was out and about as usual around 8:30pm on a cold November evening when I saw the
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hedgehog winter quarters
Underweight hedgehog seeks board and lodging
It is our custom to take the dogs out in the evening to give them a chance to pee before
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Happy Halloween!
Many things have changed for us since upping sticks to run a smallholding and becoming ‘country mice’ but one of
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cruelty free sheepskin rugs
Yarr gets into a pickle
Every so often sheep get into pickles.  In fact, they’re probably more prone to pickles than other farm animals. We
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Weedy paths
A couple of years back we built a vegetable patch.  It’s six areas with a path connecting them all.  It
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Vera with cream on her ears
Vera “a touch of the itchies” update
It’s been a few weeks since we wrote about Vera our ewe with “a touch of the itchies”.  See earlier
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Sheep happy with new path
With autumn fast approaching and soggier weather, access to the lambing shed (now known as “general sheep/hen/shelter/meeting room”) in the
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tups in field next door
Hello Boys!
Being autumn, it’s approaching tupping time when the ewes are put to the tup.  The farm next door has been
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It’s time for hooves and bottoms again!
Every three months we give our sheep a general MOT, this means checking their teats, checking (and trimming if necessary)
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Bim the Wonder Hen
Since June, Bim has been suffering from egg peritonitis (see swollen hen), a common condition in hens of all ages
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Vera gets a touch of the itchies
Vera, one of our Yorkshire lassies, has been on our radar for a while.  She’s one of three we brought
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