Woolly Tales

At Auchenstroan, we seem either to have too much water or too little. With this long, hot, dry summer stretching
Yesterday was shearing day, an exciting day in the sheep calendar! We look forward to shearing for so many reasons
new paddock with sheep
One of the things we have puzzled over since moving here was what to do with a large expanse of
trees planted
Since moving here, we have been slowly expanding the woodland coverage. The goal is to create an area that can
We ordered some different bales of hay recently and our first thought was, would the sheep eat it?  Sheep are
Winter on the smallholding is all about keeping our woolly friends fed, watered and mucked out. The beginning of November
As they days shorten and the night draws in, the autumn harvest is coming to a close. The onions are
After eight months of writing, re-writing, editing, re-reading and proof checking, I am pleased to say I have finally published
new fence trees planted
As autumn turns into winter and the harvest is complete, our focus turns to winter jobs. These are mostly maintenance
Hario the tri-colour collie
We have two dogs here, George and Haribo and both have a number of pet names. For example, George is
From time to time I am asked if I run courses on making felted fleece rugs. Last year I pondered
Two weeks ago our dear brave hennie Bim, passed away to the Great Hen Run in the Sky. Bim was
polytunnel complete
As anyone who has read my book might now realise, it's hard keeping up with everything on a smallholding. This
If you are squeamish or having dinner, this story may not be for you😳 As some of you may already
chainsaw carved sheep wearing jacket
As lots of you know who visit our page, I take on commissions as well as selling things from our
releasing young hedgehog
Four weeks ago, we found a tiny hedgehog that was outside, alone, during the day. Without help, it would have