Woolly Tales

On Saturday, we spent some time watching our newly hatched chicks in their safe and secure run. It soon became
About three weeks ago, we mentioned we had a broody hen (Broody Hens Conundrum); Mrs Mills Junior (MMJ) to be
I love vinegar!  It has so many uses around the house other than in the culinary department.  I use it
This year we decided to hand clip our flock.  We normally have them sheared by a pro and in recent
Just over a year ago, we lost Haribo, our collie, to diabetes. This left George as the only canine in
veggie patch planted
As all gardeners, keen or otherwise know, spring is the time for new planting and growth. This is particularly true
hens in hen run
With spring fully underway, though the weather doesn’t feel like it, we are on the lookout for broody hens. Each
fluffy fleece
If there's one thing sheep are good at, aside from scoffing copious amounts of grass, it's getting into pickles. These
For a while now Adrian and I have been thinking about silvopasture.   This is a pasture system where livestock are
A few years ago Adrian and I were a normal couple who had summer holidays and long weekends off, lazy
This is the first of a series of articles I’m going to be writing about felting fleeces.  As a lot
From time to time sheep pick up things and become ill, particularly lambs.  Similar to newborn babies, lambs are particularly
On our smallholding our main focus is making sure our animals have a long and happy life, but we also
Earlier this year, I wrote about a drystane dyke that had a small gap of fallen stones but was to
new apple trees
Last year, we extended our paddock area with the addition of what we creatively call the 'new paddock'. While it's
Regular visitors to this blog will know I spend a fair amount of time repairing the dry stone dykes we