Woolly Tales

If you are squeamish or having dinner, this story may not be for you😳 As some of you may already
chainsaw carved sheep wearing jacket
As lots of you know who visit our page, I take on commissions as well as selling things from our
releasing young hedgehog
Four weeks ago, we found a tiny hedgehog that was outside, alone, during the day. Without help, it would have
dirty sheep bottom
Sheep need a lot of looking after and one of the primary tasks is checking hooves and bottoms. Much like
tiny hedgehog
Last autumn, I found a small hedgehog which we overwintered (see Hoggy Released).  This can happen a lot, late litters
swallows nest
A while back I posted an update on the nesting birds we have here.  One of the swallows' nests is
This story is a bit late, I meant to post it last week but everything to do with shearing this
Last summer Vera developed an allergy which made her skin very itchy.  See “Vera gets a touch of the Itchies”. 
Most of the stories on this blog relate to the stuff we do outdoors.  However, we have slowly been doing
shed built
One of the things that has been a problem for us is that we don't really have anywhere to put
swallows in the nest
We are lucky to have swallows and housemartins as regular visitors.  The swallows nest in various sheds and the housemartins
veggie patch overgrown
Last year's veggie growing didn't go well.  What with constant rain, little sun and an army of slugs and snails,
Ymogen coloured ryeland
Hi there, it’s me Ymogen! It’s been a while since I logged on but recently my pet human took a
water tank in place
As well as making sure we have enough water for our animals, we also need water for our vegetables.  This
Recently a lovely lady in faraway Georgia, USA bought “the Yogi rug” from our online shop.  I was excited because
compost bin
Part of the sustainable living ethos is re-using stuff.  We generate a lot of garden waste and this all goes