Woolly Tales

Regular visitors to this blog will know I spend a fair amount of time repairing the dry stone dykes we
hens sleeping out
Our hens have all the creature comforts we can provide. There are three state of the art plastic hen houses
sheep friendly path and steps
Some time back, we connected our hill paddocks with the orchard next to our house. We like having the sheep
planting trees - small area
Every year we have been here, we have planted more trees as part of our goal to rewild large areas
Gifts for sheep lovers - Witchy & Yogi lamb original acrylic painting
My younger brother Matty often comes to visit us, he loves spending time with the sheep and when we haven’t
Regular readers of our blog may be aware of the ongoing repairs to our stone dykes. They appear to have
onions with leaves bent
It has been a good year for the veggies. The new polytunnel produced plenty of salad and tomatoes are ripening
This summer has been long, hot and dry (most unusual for Scotland!)  This has been great, mostly, who doesn’t love
We have planted a lot of trees here and those planted a few years back are finally starting to establish
For the last three summers, between the months of June and September, one of Vi’s good friends, Vera, has been
At Auchenstroan, we seem either to have too much water or too little. With this long, hot, dry summer stretching
Yesterday was shearing day, an exciting day in the sheep calendar! We look forward to shearing for so many reasons
new paddock with sheep
One of the things we have puzzled over since moving here was what to do with a large expanse of
trees planted
Since moving here, we have been slowly expanding the woodland coverage. The goal is to create an area that can
We ordered some different bales of hay recently and our first thought was, would the sheep eat it?  Sheep are
Winter on the smallholding is all about keeping our woolly friends fed, watered and mucked out. The beginning of November