how to make a felted fleece rug – face up method



  • Video:  unlimited online access, 1 hour in duration presented in 3 parts, can stand alone or be used as a visual aid alongside booklet
  • PDF booklet:  30 pages divided into 16 sections with timestamps linking back to videos
  • Includes:  email support
  • Level:  any
  • Language:  English

Great news!!  You get one set of instructions for half price if you order both sets, yay!!  (This one and the “face down” method).

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Do you keep sheep and wonder what to do with all your fleeces piled up in the shed?  Do you wonder if there’s a creative way you could use the wool other than as a mulch for the veggies?

Do you ponder about ways to transform all those fleeces into something you could sell that could help pay for those sheep nuts and mineral lick buckets that your woolly friends enjoy so much?

Perhaps you don’t keep sheep but simply want to learn an ancient and grounding craft that connects you with the natural world?  Something earthy and meditative that takes time and creativity and will give you something unique and beautiful to use in your own home?

Do you simply enjoy creating, crafting and getting messy?

Then learning how to make felted fleece rugs could be just the thing 😊

If you can get hold of a raw fleece, have a large table on which to work, lots of old bath towels and access to plenty of hot water, then you’re already half-way there!  (Full shopping list included in the instructions).

The method I’ll be showing you is the “face up” method.   This is where you dismantle the fleece and lay out the locks a few at a time.  The locks will be the right side up as you create the rug so ideal for beginner rug makers as you can see what you’re creating as you go along.

The “face up” method is also ideal if you have a fleece which has come apart, but you’d still like to use the wool.

You will learn:

  • How to create a flexible and re-usable frame to make a rug of any shape.
  • Which fleeces are the easiest to felt and why (you’ll learn the science behind what makes some wools felt better and faster than others).
  • How to felt your fleece optimally (you’ll learn exactly how much water and soap to use to get the best results).
  • How to wash out the lanolin and prevent moths.
  • How to clean and preen your fleece and get the wool looking its very best (you’ll learn lots of detailed information about how to clean up your wool and create a fabulous looking rug).

The downloadable instructions include:

  • A written booklet divided into sections showing you the process step by step.
  • Photos at every step of the way.
  • A comprehensive video where I take you through making a rug from start to finish explaining what I’m doing as I go along and lots of hints and tips.

If you purchase the instructions, you’ll be able to email me any questions if you get stuck.

And of course, if you purchase the instructions and decide it’s not for you then it is fully refundable.


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