Witchy is Selene’s daughter, and last year became a mum herself, giving birth to Yogi our first ever ginger Ryeland! You can see Yogi peeking at the “Witchy rug” in the picture to the right.

Yogi peeping in
Yogi peeping in

As often happens with first time mums, motherhood completely transformed Witchy. She had a rough start in life as a bairn, (see Witchy’s story ) so unsurprisingly she was a wee bit insecure as a lassie. However, since becoming a mother she is a different sheep entirely! Witchy takes the role of motherhood very seriously and has brought Yogi up to be a polite and confident girl, a testament to her own transformation and new found confidence.

Witchy is a pretty girl, her fleece has a slight ginger air about it, (her father was called Ginger so not too surprising!)  In amongst the ginger there are also shades of grey, cream and brown running through the wool. As well as the beautiful colouring, Witchy’s fleece is also gorgeously soft and tactile. I would describe it as the kind of fleece you just want to dive right in to.

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