Homegrown Coloured Ryeland Wool – natural, undyed yarn – DK 100g

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Homegrown Coloured Ryeland Wool – natural, undyed yarn produced in the UK – DK 100g

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Our wool comes from our sweet natured flock of Coloured Ryeland sheep, who spend their time grazing and playing in the hills of our smallholding in Dumfries & Galloway in South West Scotland.

Each summer our flock are relieved of their woolly coats and the fleeces sent off to the Halifax Spinning Mill in Yorkshire where they’re spun into yarn.

We request the fleeces to be spun together as a blend which we leave undyed, “as it comes”. The resultant shade can probably be best described as taupe, (falling somewhere between brown and grey).

Coloured Ryelands are born dark brown, almost black. As they age, they fade in colouring and develop natural highlights! This means one flock can produce fleeces of a whole variety of shades ranging from dark brown through to pale cream depending on the age of the sheep and how sunny its been.

The wool is naturally soft and springy owing to the wool fibres having a natural crimp to them which when spun into yarn and knitted up makes super cosy knitwear.

The yarn comes in skeins of 100g in DK.
Approximate length of each skein is 170m
The yarn is “woollen spun”
Ryeland wool is typically 25-28 microns with a staple length of 8-10cm

3 reviews for Homegrown Coloured Ryeland Wool – natural, undyed yarn – DK 100g

  1. beatrixlamb

    This wool is absolutely wonderful; it is really nice to knit with. Delivery was prompt and I shall definitely buy more wool from Auchenstroan.

  2. drygardening

    I purchased this skein to use in the March, 2018 KnitBritish.net “wool exploration” of different breeds. The yarn arrived at my US doorstep within a week of it being shipped from the UK! The yarn is beautiful and feels so great, I ordered a second skein, so I can make something in addition to having enough for the upcoming Ryeland KnitBritish.net “wool exploration” project. Thanks, Nicole!

  3. drygardening

    This is my second skein, and it is every bit as lovely as the first. It arrived at my US doorstep in just over a week, even with the postal holiday rush, Highly recommended.

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