rustic picture Yin Yarr & Yogi - coloured ryeland

Farmhouse Decor Gifts

trio of sheep pictures - farmhouse decor living roomFarmhouse decor gifts for your and your friends’ homes. We offer an exclusive range of farm gifts that you could use to brighten up your home. These include original paintings of sheep in the Scottish countryside, framed or unframed prints of sheep, felted fleece rugs, cushions, scarves and baby mats. All of these gifts are produced to the highest ethical standards, no animals are harmed in any way.

Below you can find some more details of the farmhouse decor gifts we have, or you could go directly to our shop.

Farmhouse Decor Gifts: Prints and Original Paintings of Sheep

original acrylic painting - sheep - Yggy - coloured ryeland
original acrylic painting – sheep – Yggy

Farmhouse decor gifts: we are pleased to offer a range of prints and paintings of Coloured Ryeland sheep out and about in the rolling hills of South West Scotland.

Coloured Ryeland sheep are incredibly cute, something often commented on by people both in person and on social media. Of course, being our sheep, we are only too happy to agree. In fact, Coloured Ryelands, being darker in colour and woollier than most sheep, are often referred to as “teddy bear sheep”. You can see why when you look at the pictures.

framed print - Yin Yarr & Yogi -coloured ryeland sheep
framed print – Yin Yaar & Yogi

This means that they are very photogenic. As well as us taking many pictures, my brother Matty, an artist, started to photograph and sketch them when he came to visit.

We are thrilled to be able to offer pictures of our sheep to hang on your wall to add that farmhouse decor touch. These are available to purchase as prints, (either framed or window mounted), or as one off originals (acrylic on canvas). The prints are high quality inkjet prints printed on smooth-textured, heavyweight matt paper. You can buy them either window mounted or framed. You can, if still available, buy the original painting. These are unique as once sold, it is unlikely Matty would paint the same picture twice. So it’s your chance to own a unique piece of art.

mounted print - sheep - Yogi & friends
mounted print – sheep – Yogi & friends

Examples are shown in the pictures.  The original canvas is a picture of Yggy. The framed print shows Yin, Yaar and Yogi with the hlls in the background. The Mounted print shows Yogi and two of her sheep friends.

Full details of sizes, etc. can be found in our shop.

To find out more about the artist, Matt, click here.

Farmhouse Decor Gifts – Felted Fleece

These days, it seems to be getting more important to give ethical gifts.  So, if you are looking for  something unusual, unique and ethical, then a felted fleece gift could be just the thing.

felted fleece rug
sheep-friendly sheepskin – Border Leicester – on sheep hurdle

Felted fleece gifts are really special.  Each rug has an ongoing connection to the sheep who provided the fleece to make it.  The sheep carries on living its life and getting on with the day to day job of being a sheep.  Every year the same sheep can go on to make a new product.  This is why sometimes you will hear these rugs called “vegetarian rugs” because the sheep doesn’t have to die to produce one.

We offer a range including felted fleece rugs, cushions and scarfs. The rugs come in various sizes, from a baby blanket through to a full size rug resembling the outline of a sheep’s fleece. They come in various colours as each sheep has its own unique colouring.


Farmhouse Decor Gifts – Books on Small Holding

Tempted by the small holding life? Thinking of keeping sheep or other livestock? Wondering how to make money from a small holding? Want to know the reality? Then you might be interested in my book on that very subject. A real insight into smallholding life. It describes many of the challenges you will face – physical, mental and financial. This book offers guidance on what is really involved and what you need to think about when moving into this life. It will inspire you to take the plunge, but with your eyes open.

Beautifully Packaged

Everything we sell is beautifully packaged, all our items have specially designed boxes so they travel well as well and look lovely.  The rugs come gently rolled up in special oblong boxes, wrapped in tissue and kraft paper.  Cushions and scarves are similarly packaged.

Regarding the pictures, we take great care with the packaging for several reasons.  First and foremost, pictures being delicate items, need to travel well and have plenty of protection so they arrive at their destinations in perfect condition.  Secondly, we like the people who buy our pictures to enjoy unwrapping them as if they were a gift.  For us, (Nicole mainly), the unpackaging is just as important as the packaging.   Thirdly, we take care to use recycled and eco-friendly packaging materials wherever we can as this ties in with our planet-friendly ethos here on the smallholding

Here’s how we wrap our pictures, (please note, each picture is sent out flat, whether the original artwork, mounted or framed print).  The picture is placed inside a special cellophane bag, then it is wrapped in a layer of acid free tissue paper.  Next we wrap it in brown kraft paper and secure it with string.  Then we pop on corner protectors and cocoon the picture between two sheets of protective cardboard.  (The bottom layer of carboard is ultra strong and unbendable).  Finally, it goes into a specially designed box where it is nestled in a bed of eco bubble wrap ready to start its journey.  We send everything with a trackable service and add shipping insurance for anything going overseas.

Farmhouse Decor Gifts – Sheep Art

Farmhouse Decor Gifts – Felted Fleece Gifts