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Witchy’s story

Witchy and Selene reunited

Hi.  I’m Witchy and I have logged in here to tell you my story.  I was born on Friday 25th March into a glorious, sunny spring day.  I followed my brother out and landed on a towel thoughtfully placed for me by the humans.  My mother, Selene, quickly bonded with me and started to lick me dry.  What a great start to life in this strange new world.

The humans also gave me some food to drink.  That helped me feel warm inside and I was soon on my feet.  While the human’s milk was OK, what I really wanted was some of mum’s milk, so I started trying to find her teats.  This was not easy.  The humans helped by clearing some of the wool, but whoever designed us sheep did not think about us poor wee new born lambs.  The teat pokes right into mum’s leg and is very low.  And I have such long legs!

You can just see us right at the back next to the fence
You can just see us right at the back next to the fence

On top of that, mum kept moving about, eating the green stuff that seemed to be everywhere.

Still, the sum was warm and it seemed a nice place.

However, I soon began to feel tired.  It was all a bit overwhelming.  So I lay down for a rest and watched mum and my brother move off.  Ok, I thought, it’s my chance to fulfil my life ambition and move quickly onto the next world.

Well, fat chance.  Before I knew it the female human had scooped me up and taken me into a building, a house I think they call it.  She tried to get me to drink some of that milk.  I wasn’t having that.  Well, I’d had had a sniff at realising my life’s ambition and I wasn’t going to give that up easily.  And besides, this world didn’t look that much fun anyway.

So, I nibbled away at the bottle, but I cleverly didn’t swallow.

But, the female human was wise to this and before I knew it she, with the help of the male human, had a tube down my throat and suddenly my tummy was full.

This felt good, but I wasn’t going to let on.  I was at peace and ready to move on to the next world.

But still, the humans wouldn’t let me go.  For the next day or so they continued not only to pump milk into me, but also some strange green liquid that looked like wee.  And not only that, in the middle of the night the human female stuck a needle into my leg muscle and injected something into it.  The cheek!

However, by Sunday, I felt strangely better.  I got up and wandered around.  I realised I had been sharing my pen with two other lambs.  Their mother had rejected them at birth they told me.  The humans had been caring for them and they loved the humans.  It wasn’t their mother’s fault, the vet hadn’t understood the importance of placing the new born lamb under the mother’s head straight away.  he had been too concerned on helping them get out.  Their poor mother had panicked and despite the humans’ best efforts, their mother never accepted them.

Anyway, after breakfast (which I drank yum yum), the female human took all three of us outside for a walk.  And then I heard her, my mum calling to me.  I answered back “muuum it’s me”.  We had only been together a few hours on Friday, but we remembered each other.

Me suckling at last
Me suckling at last

The human female was smart and quickly put me in with her.  But, you know, we sheep are strange creatures.  While mum recognised my voice, my smell was all wrong.  I had been eating milk from a bottle and was covered in human smells.  My mum wasn’t sure and when I tried to suckle, she pushed me away.

But the human was smart and she took me out and we went for a play in the field.  All the time, I could her mum crying out “where are you? Where are you?”

This attracted the attention of the human male.  He said something to the female and next thing I was having my mother’s milk rubbed all over me.  And this time, when I went back into the pen, she let me suckle.

You know, life in this world doesn’t seem so bad after all, maybe I’ll stick around a bit longer!

Me reunited with mum (Selene) and brother (Warlock)
Me reunited with mum (Selene) and brother (Warlock)