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And now we have pigs

Young gilts

Today we ventured into a whole new area, rearing pigs.  We had been planning to do this once we got here to Auchenstroan but initially we found it difficult to find weaners for sale locally.  Then, we posted on the Smallholding Group Scotland and within hours were offered weaners that were not too far away.  We said “yes” and booked 2.

So, it was time to prepare somewhere

setting up the pig arc
setting up the pig arc

for them to live.  We spent much time thinking about this.  In a way, we were almost spoilt for choice.  Finally we chose a site close to the house.  In fact, we are really pleased because we can see them from or kitchen window.

So, next it was building the pig arc.  We had brought our two pig arcs up with us so I set about constructing one of them.  The pigs are getting the wooden floor – lucky them.

And then we had to wait as the piglets were too young.  But today, it was time to collect them and we headed over to collect them.  We were given two gilts.  They are Gloucester Old Spot crossed with Kune Kune.

Fate is a strange thing.  We had been planning to take our trailer to collect them.  But we broke it last weekend and it hasn’t been repaired yet.  So we checked they would be OK in the back of my car (Freelander).  When we got there, they were tiny, smaller than terriers!  We’d have looked foolish loaded them into a trailer!

Anyway, we drove back and let them out into there new run.  It was a bright sunny day and within seconds they were doing what pigs do, foraging with their snouts.  And they were having a lovely time.

gilts checking out new surroundings

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  1. Well you certainly are getting on, Do you think you will definitely put them in the freezer, Have you sourced a Abettoir and a Butcher yet?

    1. Yes, we don’t hang about which often gets us into trouble. Friends of ours raised pigs last year and just used an electric fence and had no trouble. Ours, after a look around for a couple of hours, were straight through. So we now have a temporary piglet pen and are putting in some proper stock fencing this week! They are earmarked for the freezer and we’ll be using the abattoir in Lockerbie which has been recommended to us by a few people. I’ll be ringing them this week to check.

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