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Sheep Prints

Our collection of sheep paintings and sheep prints are inspired by our daily life in our smallholding at Auchenstroan, South West Scotland. We offer a selection of sheep prints, framed or mounted, as well as the original paintings. These are all of our sheep that live here at Auchenstroan and provide the wool for our woolly products including felted fleece rugs and cushions.

It is quite common for people to tell us  how cute our sheep are.  Being our sheep, we tend to agree of course 😉 Coloureds Ryelands, being darker in colour and woollier than most sheep, are often referred to as “teddy bear sheep”. This means that they are very photogenic which means there are pictures of them everywhere on this web site, particularly our blog.

They are also a very friendly bunch and don’t run away at the first signs of people approaching. My brother Matty, an established artist, took advantage of this whenever he came to visit and started to sketch them. Wowed by his drawings, we had an idea, why not offer a selection of “cute sheep prints paintings” of our flock going about their business against the stunning backdrop of the Dumfries and Galloway Hills?  After all, is no home is complete without a sheep picture.

At the moment, we have a collection of six pictures and more are in the pipeline. As already mentioned, these are available to purchase as mounted prints, framed prints or as one off originals. As well as bringing your wall to life, giving it something of a rustic feel, we think they could make great gifts or presents for people who love the countryside.

To find out more about Matty Lamb, click here.

Sheep Prints

These are printed on a high quality inkjet printer on smooth-textured, heavyweight matt paper. The size of the picture is 10 inches by 10 inches (25.5cm x 25.5cm).

Framed print

framed print - Yin Yarr & Yogi -coloured ryeland sheep
framed print – Yin Yarr & Yogi -coloured ryeland sheep

The frame is an oak effect frame with clear acrylic glazing.  The print is mounted on a cream coloured window mount. An example is shown to the right. That particular picture is Yin, Yaar and Yogi sitting peacefully chewing the cud. You can see the hills of Galloway in the background.

Overall, the total size of the framed print (frame included) is height 14 inches x width 14 inches x depth 0.59 inches (height 35.5cm x width 35.5cm x depth 1.5cm).

Mounted Print

mounted print - rustic picture- Yin Yarr & Yogi
mounted print – sheep – Yin Yarr & Yogi

The print is mounted on a one inch (2.5cm) cream coloured window mount with backboard.  It is ready for framing by yourself or your framer with a 12 inch (30.48cm) frame. The picture to the right is also the picture of  Yin, Yaar and Yogi. This means you can compare the framed and mounted options.

The dimensions of the mounted print is height 12 inches x width 12 inches (30.48cm x 30.48cm).

Sheep Paintings – Original Paintings

rustic picture Yin Yarr & Yogi - coloured ryeland
acrylic on canvas – Yin Yarr & Yogi

We are also pleased to offer for sale the original artwork, the picture from which the prints are produced. This is the original acrylic painting on a canvas panel by Matty Lamb. As such, it is a unique painting, one of its kind.

The dimensions of the painting are height 10” x width 10” x  depth 0.125” (25.5cm x with 25.5cm x 0.4cm).

Each painting has been varnished to a satin finish (UV light stabilizing varnish).

Sheep Prints from Paintings by Matty Lamb – Artist

Matty Lamb studied art at school before going on to complete and Art Foundation course. Next was a BA Honours Illustration degree at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth. He started his working life as a designer and illustrator before  teaching art in a Further Education college for 11 years, eventually becoming Course Leader of the Art Foundation. During this time he continued painting, a highlight was having an oil painting accepted for exhibition at the 2013 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London

He has experimented with many different subject matters, most falling into the outdoor and landscape category. He is often to be found in some muddy corner of Britain painting old buildings, rusting farm equipment, trains and, of course, farm animals.

His preference is to use either oils or acrylics, as both have their plusses and minuses. For the series based on the Scottish Auchenstroan flock, he is working indoors from photographs, using high quality acrylic paint on canvas panel

Sheep Paintings in our shop

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