sheep picture - original acrylic painting - Ynca

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sheep painting - Witchy and Yogi
sheep painting – Witchy and Yogi

People have often asked us whether we can offer pictures of our sheep. This is partly because they can have a picture of the very sheep who provided the wool for their felted fleece rug, or because they like lovely sheep pictures.

We are also often told that our sheep, Coloured Ryelands, are cute. Obviously we agree, we think they’re pretty cute as well. As a matter of fact, Coloured Ryelands, being darker in colour and woollier than most sheep, are often referred to as “teddy bear sheep”. This also means they are very photogenic, something quickly noticed by my brother Matty (who happens to be an artist), who started to sketch them when he came to visit.

This created an idea and, we thought it would be lovely to be able to offer (for sale), “cute sheep pictures” of our flock going about their business against the stunning backdrop of the Galloway Hills.  After all, no home is complete with a sheep picture.

So we suggested to Matty that he create some sheep works of art that we could sell. He loved the idea, got cracking straight away, and we are delighted with the result. At present, we have six to choose from, but expect to be able to add more. After all, sheep are not painted in a day.

These sheep pictures are available as framed or mounted prints and the original painting itself. The latter is, obviously, unique.

You can see other examples of Matty’s work at

Farmhouse Décor

trio of sheep pictures - farmhouse decor living roomsheep picture - Yoko - farmhouse decor living roomWith the warm, earthy colours of the sheep set against the backdrop of the Scottish countryside, these will cosy up your room and bring a flavour of rural Scotland to any room in your home.  If you love farmhouse décor and rustic accessories these pictures give you a little piece of Scottish farm life without you even having to put your wellies on to enjoy it.

Sheep Pictures

All our prints are produced from original paintings of our sheep by Matty Lamb.  Each print is printed on smooth-textured, heavyweight matt paper and is available mounted or framed.

Framed Print

sheep picture - print framed - Ynca
sheep picture – print framed – Ynca

You can see how a framed print looks in the picture to the right. The one showing is Ynca, here she is standing in a field of grass with forests and hills in the background.

They are mounted on a cream coloured window mount and framed in an oak effect frame with clear acrylic glazing.

The framed print measures (height) 14 inches by (width ) 14 inches by (depth) of 0.59 inches (35.5cm x 35.5cm x 1.5cm).

To see our full range of framed prints, visit our shop.

Window Mounted Print

sheep picture - mounted print - Ynca
sheep picture – mounted print – Ynca

An example of a window mounted print is shown to the right. Once again, it is a picture of Ynca (this way you can compare it with the framed version above).

The mount is a 1 inch (2.5cm) cream coloured window mount with backboard.  It is ready for framing by yourself or your framer with a 12 inch (30.48cm) frame.

The window mounted print measures (height) 12 inches x (width) 12 inches (30.48cm x 30.48cm).

To see our full range of framed prints, please visit our shop.

Sheep Pictures – Original Paintings

sheep picture - original acrylic painting - Ynca
sheep picture – original acrylic painting – Ynca

We are also pleased to offer the original acrylic paintings created and signed by Matty Lamb. These are acrylic on a canvas panel. They are unique as, once sold, they will not be repainted.

The actual painting dimensions are (height) 10 inches  x (width) 10 inches x  (depth) 0.125 inches (25.5cm x 25.5cm x 0.4cm).

They are varnished to a satin finish (UV light stabilizing varnish).

To see our full range of sheep paintings, please visit our shop.

Sheep Pictures by Matty Lamb – Artist

Matty Lamb is a talented artist who has had his work accepted for an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. Throughout his career, he has investigated many types of subject matter, mostly falling into the outdoor and landscape category. More often than not, he packs his easel, palette, brushes and oils into the car and paints in the great outdoors – en plein air – in all kinds of weather. As well as our sheep (and our dogs), he has painted old buses in a cow shed in Wiltshire, decrepit farm machinery, ruined stone buildings in Somerset and even Glastonbury Tor.

His prefered approach is to use either oils or acrylics. For the pictures of our Scottish Auchenstroan flock of sheep, he is working indoors from photographs, using high quality acrylic paint on canvas panels. By all accounts, he finds it really enjoyable catching the colour tones of the Scottish landscape whilst also capturing the look and feel of those dense woolly coats – quite a challenge for an artist.

We feel that Matty’s love of sheep really comes through in his artwork.

Click here to find out more about Matty and his art.

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