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Hog Hide and Seek

Hello again, it’s me Ymogen.  It seems like ages since I updated my blog, so here’s another wee story.  We sheepies have noticed that every morning, one of the humans comes to check on us and that includes counting us.  I suppose they are just making sure Yaar hasn’t rolled onto his back somewhere.  Now, we have had a bit of a problem with midgies recently.  They are really annoying.  Poor old Yaar and Yumbo got bitten all around their eyes.  Luckily, the humans spotted it and are looking after them.

Anyway, what’s that got to do with hide and seek I hear you ask?  Well, one of the ways I deal with the midgies is to settle in the long grass.  I can cover my head with the grass and that helps keep them off.

Ymogen hiding in the grass
Me hiding in the grass

I noticed that when I do this, the humans have trouble finding me.  Up and down they go, counting away.  Fingers out, fingers wagging, lips moving, it can be quite comical really.  So now, if we’re out sleeping on the hill, I play hide and seek by hiding in the long grass.  Can you spot me?

Thankfully, the midgies seem to have eased off a bit lately.  They are still around, but nowhere near as annoying as they were.

Also, annoyingly, I have just found out that the humans can give really nice pats.  I have found out that I love having my chest scratched.  This means I can’t hide for long as I have to jump out and bound over to get my scratches.  Why is this annoying?  Well, it makes it harder for me to play hide and seek.  Not to worry though, I am sure I’ll think of another new game soon.

That’s all for now, byyeeeeeeeeeee 🙂


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