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Quite a week

Hi, I’m Pinkie.  I noticed my pal Ymogen has been writing a couple of stories so I thought I’d have a go.  I’m a year older than Ymogen and so now, quite a bit bigger too.  My mum is Ursi. Really, my name should begin with ‘X’, but when I was born I wore a pink woolly jumper to keep me warm and so Pinkie it is.  Anyway, I thought I’d tell you about my week.

me a day old

Monday was quite peaceful.  Just the usual, you know, a bit of browsing, a bit of lying around chewing the cud.  Occasionally we moved to another field.  Just a nice, normal day here in Auchenstroan.

Tuesday, well, where to begin.  It all started as normal with a visit from one of the humans.  One of them comes over every morning and count us and checks we’re OK.  It’s quite comforting really.  But, a bit later, they were back and the female human made that noise she makes that makes us follow her.  I’m not quite sure how she does it, but before we know it, we’re up on our feet and trotting along after her.  Sometimes the male human tries to call us too.  That’s hilarious, we just stand and look at him, maybe chew a bit of cud.

Anyway, we followed the female human down a new path into a new paddock.  Yes, a NEW PADDOCK.  It was amazing, it’s the first time I have seen it.  There was long grass, wild flowers and trees with leaves in reach.  Yum yum.  There was also a lovely big shed.  “I was born here” yelled Yogi.  “Me too” added Ynca.  “And me”!  “And me”. “All right all right” I thought and headed off to explore.  To be honest, we all got a bit excited.  Later, we were penned up a little, we had the shed and a small outdoor area, so we took the opportunity for a wee rest.

shearing underway looking on
what’s that all about?

Things were happening outside.  Strange humans and big machines.  We kept a watchful eye.  Then, all of a sudden, we were ushered towards the machines.  Hmm, I thought to myself, I’m keeping well away.  I’m in the wee group in the photo to the left keeping my distance.  You might be able to spot me.

Nevertheless, the humans got their way and I soon found myself in a narrow wee corridor.  What’s this all about I wondered.  And then, I was whisked onto a platform and my coat sheared off.  My coat!!  I had spent all winter growing it.  It was lovely.  A bit hot mind you, so part of me was secretly pleased.  When the sun comes out, it can be a bit toasty in a thick woolly coat, let me tell you.  It turned out we’d all had our coats taken.  We looked a right skinny bunch, more like goats than sheep.

Then it was back back to our usual fields.  But, brrrr it was a bit chilly.  We headed to our usual shelter, but it was CLOSED OFF!  Oh no!!!!  I mean, I know it was a bit damp and smelly, but it’s our shelter.  The centre of our universe.  We were right put out.  So, we had a meeting and decided to shelter from the north wind behind a stone wall.  That wasn’t too bad actually.

Sheep resting in lambing shedLater in the day, the humans led us back to that new paddock.  Yippee, we had the big shelter.  It was great.  Lovely and dry and warm.  Just as well, really, as it rained in the night and none of us had any coats.

The next day, the humans left the gate open for us so we came and went as we pleased.  We sheep like that, we like our freedom to roam.

Nevertheless, when the rain came again later in the week, we’d forgotten all about the new shed.  What are we like.  On Saturday, we ended up all over the place, scattered amongst small field shelters in various fields.  Eventually the humans came and got us back together and led us back to the big shed.  Bliss.  Mind you, we lost Yumbo somewhere.  The humans went looking for him and I just caught a glimpse of him running down the hill full pelt to the man human.  He looked just like a little lamb again.  He was soon back with us.

Adrian and Pinkie
me and my man human

Only down side, my foot hurt today.  On the plus side, I got lots of scratches from my man human (I have him well trained).  That’s him on the left.

Then I got a whole bucket of nuts to myself – what a treat.  Yum yum.  I should have known there was a catch when they put hurdles around me.  I felt a sharp prick in my leg – the humans had given me a jag.  Hmmph!  Then they inspected my foot.  I wasn’t entirely sure about that, but if the pain goes, then I’ll be a happy wee sheep.

Anyway, that’s this week’s story.  Hopefully I’ll be back with more Pinkie parables soon.


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