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Sarka update

sarka eating haylage

Sarka went lame over the weekend appearing to lose all movement in one of her back legs (you can read more details here).  She had pretty much continuous TLC from us both and, fortunately, Saturday night excepted (when we carried her and put her into shelter), the weather has been OK.

sarka having a drink
sarka having a drink

Well, on Monday morning, it was my turn to sit with her and she was eating and drinking, but not much.  To be honest, she didn’t seem any better so, I phoned the vet.  He felt it would be a good idea to check her out, so we booked in a visit.

The good news is that there was no sign of any injury, for example break or dislocation.  It seemed like, as we had thought, she had hurt it, perhaps stumbling or falling awkwardly.  So, a quick painkiller injection was administered.

That helped a lot and over the day, she improved a lot.  This morning, she was up and about and Nicole was even able to lead her down to the main field shelter.  She’s much better off there with hay and water on hand, shelter and plenty of hard standing.

We’ll be administering painkillers for the rest of the week (every 48 hours) and see how she does.  Fingers crossed.

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