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Yukky Weather for Sheep

sheep sheltering from snow storm

Hiya!!  Ymogen here, or Ymo as they sometimes call me.  It has been a while but I’m still here, happy as ever.  HOWEVER, the weather has been vile.  What can I say?  We seem to have had endless storms.  A mixture of high winds, rain, sleet and snow has made it totally miserable out here.  And when the wind finally stopped, we had snow, then rain, then snow, then rain, then snow, then rain.  It just went on and on.  It got pretty muddy in places, let me tell you.

Needless to say, none of us sheep were impressed.  Thankfully, we have two good shelters.  At the moment, our preferred shelter is what the humans call the lambing shed.  It’s where I was born and it’s large and spacious.  It also has the hay feeders nearby and a water trough inside the shelter.  We have been crowding in there a lot of the time.  When the weather has been ultra bad, we have not even dared ventured out to eat.  Luckily, the female human, Nicole, has also been giving us personal hay in the shed.

It’s a relief to be out of the rain, but we do tend to get a bit bored being stuck in here, even if it is our own choice.  I think I am the most put out, to be honest.  I’m always up for heading out to the grassy fields.  Much better out there than all the argy bargy round the feeders.  I mean, me and Yndia, we’re quite small and petite really.  Not to say that we won’t stand our ground, but it’s just all much more fun out in the fields.  And even though the weather hase been vile, the grass has been growing yum yum.

Anyway, here’s a piccie of me just in case you’d forgotten what I look like.

Ymogen coloured ryeland
It’s me
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