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Little Owl Box put up (again)


The weather has been causing us all sorts of problems.  Not flooding, thankfully, though it has been close.  But the recent heavy rain has also turned everywhere to mud, flooded the drive and turned the garden into a marsh.  We have had to resort to pumping water out into the drainage ditch and banning the hens from the lawn (as they were gleefully tearing into the soft ground and adding to the carnage). We grow weary of this wet, windy and dark winter – bring on spring!

And the poor sheep – their field is soaking.  Thankfully, they have hard standing around the hay feeders.  And they’ll be coming into the lambing shed next week so will be able to dry out.

And witlittle-owl-boxh lambing fast approaching, we have plenty to be doing without the weather adding to our woes.  Nevertheless, one of the recent storms took down another apple tree in the orchard.  Sadly, this one was the tree with the little owl box.  This was the second tree with this owl box to be blown over, not a lucky box so far.  Before we owned the field, little owls used the box regularly.  But when we took ownership, it was just lying on the ground so I refurbished it and put it back up.

Anyway, with it once again blown over, we surveyed our trees to find a new home.  If trees could speak, they’d probably be saying “not me”, fearful they may be number 3!

So, this time, we picked a huge tree with a massive trunk.  The tree benefited from having some ivy removed.  It was probably less impressed when I had to hammer in some nails “sorry”.  But the little owl box is now back and ready, maybe even in time for this year.  We shall watch and see.

I also took the opportunity to scurry up the ladder and secure the bat box which had been buffeted somewhat by the wind.

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