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And then there were 4

Witchy and 3 ewes

It has been a while since I have had the energy to write anything in this blog.  In that time, our lambs have grown and grown.

Since our last post, we have sheared the sheep (well, we had help, but next year we plan to shear them ourselves again).  We have been looking after our flock and dealing with outbreaks of various things sheep get.  Whisky even got a ride home in a bicycle basket when he fell ill.  But a wee antibiotic jab and a morning in front of the fire soon had him up and raring to go again.

New paddock
New paddock

And we have built another paddock, a small one, to help with winter grazing.  We’ve run drainage pipes under it as it can get a bit wet here.

Last week, at this time, we had 21 sheep out in our field.  Morning and evening feeds were tricky as we were surrounded by excited lambs all gathering round the creep feeder.

Anyway, weaning time arrived and last week we moved them down the lane to the paddock by our house.  It’s the first time we have moved so many sheep and also the first time we have moved lambs (we used the trailer when they were small).  It’s only a bout 400 yards, but there are a few tempting openings, tempting to sheep that is.  So we drafted in help from our neighbours.  20 out of 21 made it but one panicked and just stood there in the lane refusing to move.  So we had to carry her, all 34kg!  The next day, the 6 mums went off on their holidays to a pasture a mile or so away.  After a short panicked look around for their lambs, they were soon munching away happily.  To be honest, I think they needed the rest!

During the week, our lambs have been moving to their new homes.  6 ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs headed off for pastures new.  One lucky ram lamb is off to Wales to breed this year!  It was both kind of bittersweet to see them ago, but they have all gone to great homes and will all be looked after really well. But we miss them too.

Warlock, Larry and Wallace eating creef feed
Wart, Larry and Wallace eating eating creep feed

We have also been halter training Wart, our best looking lamb.  We plan to show him at Frome Show in September – another new experience.

Today, we separated out the 3 remaining ram lambs into our new paddock.  It’s quite a des res with new water trough and new shelter (which I built yesterday).

So now, in the main paddock, there are but 3 ewes and the remaining ewe lamb Witchy who we have decided to keep.  They’ll be reunited with the 6 mums in a couple of weeks, once their milk has dried up and their condition is improved.

All in all, our first year of lambing has been a fantastic experience.  You’ll never catch Nicole or myself working in an office again!

Warlock, Larry and Wallace in new paddock
Wart, Larry and Wallace enjoying the new paddock
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