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Scotland Here We Come

auchenstroan cottage

Well, it has been a while since we have posted anything here.  There are numerous reasons, all too boring to get into.  Nevertheless, we have been very busy indeed.

Over the summer our lambs grew and developed unique personalities.  Most moved on to new homes.  Woodpecker Larry, our first, headed off to breed with a small flock in Somerset.  Warlock, the cutie pie was snapped up by a lovely couple in Wales and he too should be close to being a dad now.  We kept Wart and Wallace and hope to breed or swap them for breeding.  Plus our girls, some went to a home nearby, some went just a bit further and some now have a lovely life in Devon.

But we kept Witchy and she has grown into a precocious young lady.  It’s so great to see, especially given her precarious start in life (Witchy’s story).

However, our time at West End Barn draws to a close.  We have purchased 27 acres of Scottish countryside in Dumfriesshire.  As well as 5 massive fields, we have woodland, a small loch, rivers, walks – it’s just perfect.

And we can’t wait to introduce all of our animals to their new home.

We drive up this week, driving overnight to avoid the traffic.  I have done my qualifications for moving sheep that distance and sorted out all of the paperwork.  We’ll be going in convoy as we have to keep our rams and ewes separate (for obvious reasons).  It’ll be a long drive (we’ve already done it once as a dry run), but it will be worth it.  We have outgrown our patch here and the sheep will really enjoy the bigger fields.  Plus it’s all a bit hilly so they should get a bit fitter.

And while we couldn’t lamb them this year (as we didn’t know when the move would happen), we do have a surprise in store, so watch this space.

And finally, I am looking forward to getting back to my homeland and may even try a bit of that kilted yoga lark 🙂

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