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It’s Me, Ymogen

ymogen and nicole

Hi everyone.  It’s been a few weeks since I posted my story, you know, about how I broke my jaw and how my pet humans nursed me back to health, that story?  If you haven’t read it, click here!!!

Well, I  just thought I’d write a few words to say I’m fine.  More then fine really, life is good.  I’m a happy wee soul, truth be told.  Lots of grass, lots of friends and lots of visits from the humans.  Hope you like the piccie of me (above), my selfie of me and my human.  Don’t I look good :).


And I’m much bigger, too.  Been growing lots and lots.  You can see also how much I’ve grown in my piccie here to the right.

The humans are always keeping an eye on us and it’s good to know.  I mean, Yaar, silly thing, this morning he only went and rolled himself into wee depression in the ground and got stuck on his back.  We sheep are useless when that sort of thing happens, no idea what to do.  Anyway, one of the humans, the man human rebuilding the wall at the top of one of our fields, well he happened by and rolled Yaar back onto his feet.

Poor wee Yaar, but he’s fine now.  Of course, half the flock raced over for pats and scratches, surrounding the man human.  He did his best but he’s only got two arms and it’s hard to scratch about 10 sheep all biffing him for attention.  I stayed well out of that one.  I know it’s best to go over and see him when he has his black jacket on – he’s usually got nuts in that pocket and I love my sheep nuts, yummy yum.  Still not entirely sure about the head scratches though.

Anyway, back to me.  I’m fit and healthy and enjoying life.  We’ve had lots of sunny days (sometimes a bit hot phew) and we’ve had a bit of rain but I don’t mind that, keeps the midges at bay.  Those midges can be a right pain, let me tell you.

See you all again soon.

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