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Winter weather challenging already

river torrent

I recently wrote about how we had been at the receiving end of some heavy rain.  But it stopped and we had a period of cold and dry weather.  I quite like it cold and dry, the main thing is it being dry.  It’s not a lot of fun looking after animals in the rain and mud.  The hens hate it.  The sheep don’t like it but cope, though they hate muddy and wet ground. The dogs also remain unimpressed by the kind of horizontal rain we get here.

sheep and hayThe good part about living here is that when it stops raining, it does dry out.  In fact, the ground, even in wet areas was just firming nicely.  The sheep happily grazed hay at their feeders not having to perch on the slabs we had laid for them.

But then storm Diane arrived.  The rain has been torrential.  The winds fierce.  10 minutes outside in waterproofs was enough to prove that they were not waterproof at all.  The dogs needed persuading to step out the door, even if Haribo’s favourite toy (ball and launcher) were waved at him.

Fortunately, the repaired gypsy caravan cover, now held in place by 4 ratchet straps, remained in place.  I did watch the livestock trailer nearly get blown away by the wind, so Nicole and I had to go out and secure that.

stroanshalloch burn torrentToday, this afternoon, it suddenly brightened a bit.  I managed to take the dogs for a proper walk and came back with my jacket drier than when I set out.

Nicole had nipped into town earlier and took these pictures of the rivers.  They are the highest and most ferocious I have yet seen.  All the hillsides had random torrents pouring off them.  Impressive, but a lot of water.  I did wonder how things are looking further downstream.

More dry weather needed please!!


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