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Who’s That in my Bag?

lambs in hay bag

With winter upon us, we need to provide winter feed for our sheep.  We buy in organic hay in large bales.  This means it needs to be transported over to the feeders and the easiest way is in large bags.  Fill one of those, pop it onto the trailer and whizz it across with the quad bike.

The fun starts when we come to transfer the hay from the bag into the feeders.  In essence, it means dragging the bag to the feeder and then moving the hay across in clumps.  The sheep are quite partial to standing on the slabs we laid and so it can get a bit crowded.  It can be tricky moving them out of the way to get to the feeders.  .

lambs in hay bag
lambs in hay bag

For the lambs, this just takes too long.  So, a few of them have decided it’s much quicker, and much more fun just to eat the hay straight from the bag.  Sounds easy, but the bag is taller than they are, so it needs a little spring up on the back legs to get the front legs over the edge and firmly planted into the hay.

Sometimes, when it’s just too exciting, a whole jump takes the lamb right into the bag.  Thus, “Who’s that in my bag” has become Nicole’s new mantra.

All part of the fun.

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