Hand Made Felted Fleece Rugs
Happy lambs in the spring sunshine
Breeders of Coloured Ryeland Sheep
Auchenstroan in winter
Texa, Bluebell and Ivor in the snow
gardening for wildlife
Wart and Wallace - Tups
looking after wildlife

Tales from Auchenstroan

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The Good Life

Sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, dogs and wildlife.
We started out buying a small house with 1.5 acres and later expanded it 4.5 acres. We planted a small woodland, had two orchards, added three sheep, some chickens, dogs and started growing most of our own produce. However, we soon realised we needed more space. We decided to move to Scotland and found a place in Dumfriesshire with 27 acres. It's perfect. We now have 18 sheep, 3 cows, 11 hens and the usual three dogs. We also keep pigs from time to time. The good life is just great.

who we are

We are Adrian and Nicole Doyle.
We met in 2012, got married in 2013 and moved to Somerset just before the wedding. Adrian used to work in IT for a large corporation and left in 1999 to form a small software company. Nicole worked at McAfee but had studied for her RHS and had left to set up a gardening business. Three years later we bought a much bigger place in Scotland. Nicole has a thriving gardening business while Adrian tutors maths and does a bit of software here and there.