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Hog Hide and Seek

Hello again, it's me Ymogen.  It seems like ages since I updated my blog, so here's another wee story.  We sheepies have noticed that every morning, one of the humans comes to check on us and that includes counting us.  I suppose they are just making sure Yaar hasn't rolled onto his back somewhere.  Now,…
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It’s Me, Ymogen

Hi everyone.  It's been a few weeks since I posted my story, you know, about how I broke my jaw and how my pet humans nursed me back to health, that story?  If you haven't read it, click here!!! Well, I  just thought I'd write a few words to say I'm fine.  More then fine…
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Ymogen’s Story

Hi. I'm Ymogen. I was born in April last year to Sparkle, along with my sister Yndia. Life here at Auchenstroan has been good. We have plenty to eat, there are lots of handy drinking spots and a nice wee shelter for when the weather gets grim. And it does get pretty grim sometimes. So…
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